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    Dongfang Electric Motor Technology (Deyang) Co., Ltd.




           Dongfang Electric Motor Technology (Deyang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfang Motor"), located in Deyang, Sichuan Province, is a subsidiary of the backbone enterprise DFEM of Dongfang Electric Corporation. It focuses on making the motor industry stronger, bigger and better and devoting itself to the development of high-end motor. 

           Dongfang Motor inherits more than 60 years of motor technology from DFEM and integrates its superior resources. It aims to be a leading developer of high-end motor in China and a large-scale emerging enterprise with high-quality development. It’s vision is to build a benchmark in the development of new industry, in the comprehensive market-oriented reform of state-owned enterprise and in the service of national and local economic and social development.

           Since manufacturing the first 7kW asynchronous motor in 1959, Dongfang Motor has won many awards in the motor technology in the levels of country, province and ministry. The Company’s main products include VF synchronous motor, VF asynchronous motor, nuclear main pump motor, HV and LV high efficiency motor, HV and LV explosion-proof motor, pulse generator, phase modifier, environmental protection equipment, customized motor, water pump, as well as complete sets of motor equipment system, covering 180 series and 1,890 varieties, with power ranging from 0.18~120,000kW and rotating speed ranging from 5~10,000rpm. These products are mainly applied in electric power, iron and steel, water conservancy, mining, metallurgy, cement, track, transportation, coal mining, pipeline, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields.